Do you have aches and pains you can't get rid of?  Or emotional stress?  Do you want PEACE!  You've come to the right place.  This is healing music that clinically has proven to eliminate the pain in our body, the emotional distress in our hearts and minds, and bring peace to our Souls.

  SACRED SCALE®️ music vibrates deep into the body to get to the root cause so you can live with better health!  You already know some of the powers within music:  it has made you cry, made you want to dance, motivated you to work out longer and harder, helped you celebrate that wedding, etc. Now try Healing Music for any physical or emotional pain and experience how it can restore your health.   See RESEARCH

I've never experienced healing music like this before.  I came in with knee pain, and after 1 hour of healing music, it's all gone!
How?  According to the Law of Entrainment, music affects our brain waves, heart rates, nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, & all organs.  There are no adverse side affects!

I have more focus in school.  I can concentrate and like to learn!  I actually like school now!

My back and neck pain is gone.  In fact I don't have scoliosis anymore!

I've suffered with depression all my life.  I took medication and psychotherapy for decades.  With a few healing music sessions, my life has changed.  I'm off medication, and done therapy.  I now wake up in the morning and look forward to my day.  I didn't know I could feel this good!

What is SACRED SCALE®️ Healing Music?

  • improvised and uniquely created in the moment, for your specific needs, so it has never been heard before, and next time you have a session, it is completely new again
  • the healing music is created with patented SACRED SCALE®️instruments that have been invented solely for the purpose of providing music for healing, not entertainment
  • the SACRED SCALE®️ instruments are in tune mathematically with the laws of nature, in tune with how the human body is created.  See the math behind the SACRED SCALE®️musical frequencies in about us  
  • these SACRED SCALE®️musical instruments are patented in Japan, US, and Canada, and will be available for sale in the near future from the inventor in London, Ontario
  • it is based on the modern research in neuroscience, psychology, and medicine and music 

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Here is a sample of the soothing sounds made by these instruments:

​​       SACRED SCALE®️ Music

                     Healing Music for Emotional and Physical Pains

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  • SACRED SCALE™ Instruments3:03
  • SACRED SCALE Sample1:05
  • SACRED SCALE™ Xylophone 2 with Rainstick0:34

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The song PEACE, helps alleviate depression and anxiety, and brings clarity into the mind.  Listen to it over and over with headphones, eyes closed, breathing deeply until your symptoms subside.  For your free PEACE song, composed and played by Carla Rose Kelly on piano, sign up for In Tune and email me.  I'll send it right to your inbox, and you can start  listenting today!