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DO I NEED TO TAKE LESSONS IN ORDER TO PLAY?  No, if you just want to make music, improvisation is very easy on the SACRED SCALE™ instruments.  All notes are in harmony with each of the other notes, so dissonance is impossible.  This means that you cannot play out of tune.  Just pick it up and play.  There are no sharps and flats or theory rules that take years to learn like the Western orchestral instruments.  The scale is different so you will need to socialize your ears to these Divine frequencies.  However, if you want to use the SACRED SCALE™ instruments for sound therapy, attend the training retreats to learn how to heal with these instruments. To become  a trained SACRED SCALE™ Healer, attend thetraining programs. 

HOW DO I LEARN HOW TO USE THE SACRED SCALE™ INSTRUMENTS FOR HEALING?  Attend Level 1 SACRED SCALE™ Training to learn how to use the music for healing.  Retreat courses are offered in Canada, United States, Japan, Europe, Australia.  See the trainingschedule for a program near you.   Carla Rose Kelly of SACRED SCALE™ Music Education Program would be happy to come to your area to teach if there is a group wanting to learn.  Use the CONTACT FORM.


If you are interested in certification as a healer with the SACRED SCALE™ MUSIC EDUCATION PROGRAM, attend a training module near you.
Unlike the diatonic scale that takes years of practice, which includes learning complicated theory rules, SACRED SCALE™ music is very fast & easy to learn. It is an atonal system of only 9 notes, each of which are in harmony with each other, so dissonance is impossible. The technique is so simple, all ages and intellectual abilities can learn to play. From those that haven’t connected with their inner musical or composer self yet to those seasoned musicians and composers, this is a fascinating alignment with the deeper energies and powers within music. It is a connection that is so natural, because it aligns with the Laws of Nature. It aligns with who we are. The SACRED SCALE™  music is in tune with the all-knowing wisdom of creation itself.  Everyone has music within himself or herself; it’s a song waiting to be sung.  To find a class near you click Training.

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One of a kind patented SACRED SCALE™ Xylophone, only available through WWW.SACRED SCALE.CA.  Easy to play, easy to create beautiful music because all notes are in tune with each other.  Play any 2 or 3 or more notes together and experience the beautiful sounds.  $777.00 (+ HST $101) Canadian Dollars

A beautiful patented lap harp, lightweight, easy to hold, easy to play, for healing and ascension. Easy to improvise therapeutic music as all the notes are in tune with each of the other notes, so dissonance is impossible.  This SACRED SCALE™ Harp is made from the finest materials, by the experts in the field.  Only available through WWW.SACREDSCALE.CA

$999.00 (+ HST $129.87) Canadian Dollars

      SACRED SCALE™ Harp


New scale, on new musical instruments that tune up the Mind, Body and Spirit to help you reach your full potential! Whether you are working towards better emotional, mental, spiritual or physical health, or  you are trying to master an aspect of your life, the SACRED SCALE™ Music,  can help you towards these goals. Music has always had a powerful affect on us, and in fact, its original purpose was for healing and ascension!   
The SACRED SCALE™ frequencies are different from the diatonic scale (which is on orchestral instruments) as all SACRED SCALE™ notes are in harmony with each of the other notes, so dissonance is impossible.  There are no sharps, flats, or key signatures in the SACRED SCALE™ methodology, only 9 notes, a simple mathematical Divine matrix of creation in tune with how everything grows in Nature and how the human body is put together.  All ages and intellectual abilities can learn the SACRED SCALE™ Music Education Program.

BOOK YOUR PRIVATE SACRED SCALE™ healing session in person or on skype:  TUNE UP YOUR SOUL:  1 hour, $88 


         Music Education and Musical Instruments

                  Tuning up your Mind, Body and Soul!

"That was the most powerful music I've ever experienced!"

Tuning up the Mind, Body and Soul; helping you to heal and reach your full potential!

  Studies have shown how SACRED SCALE™ music helps alleviate pains, anxieties and depression!  How?  According to the Law of Entrainment, music affects our minds, our brain waves, heart rates, blood flow, nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, & all organs.